Chana Combined Cycle Power Plant Block 2

Location: Songkhla, Thailand
Customer: Black & Veatch Thailand
End User: EGAT
Year: 2011

Gas Turbine

Supplier: Siemens
Type: SCC5-4000F
Main Fuel: Natural Gas


No. of Units: 2
Cycle Description: 1x1x1 Cogeneration
Design: Double Wide V-Flex
Pressure Levels: 3 (HP, IP, LP with RH)

Auxiliary Components Provided by Vogt Power

Bypass Deaerator
» HP and RH Interstage with 567°C Set Point
» HP and RH Final Stage with 567°C Set Point
» ST CRH Bypass Station with 340°C Set Point
WPH Recirculation System and Bypass System
Operation with Distillate Oil as Backup Fuel
Stack Damper and Stack Silencer
Blowdown Tank and Flash Tank

HP Steam Flow309.7 tons/hr281.0 mtons/hr
HP Steam Pressure1856.5 psi128 bara
HP Steam Temperature1018.4°F548°C
Reheat Steam Flow361.7 tons/hr328.1 mtons/hr
Reheat Steam Pressure442.4 psi30.5 bara
Reheat Steam Temperature1018.4°F548°C
LP Steam Flow40.3 tons/hr36.6 mtons/hr
LP Steam Pressure65.3 psi4.5 bara
LP Steam Temperature439°F226°C