Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs).


Vogt HRSGs are designed and manufactured to deliver the most constructible and cost-effective equipment unit for each site-specific application. When your combined cycle plant has shipping constraints, we recommend the V-Flex (Hybrid) design. The V-Flex includes the heating surface, casing (side, top, and bottom), and interconnecting piping. Main structural columns (goalposts) are shipped separately.

Vogt Power V-Flex HRSG


Top, side, and bottom casing attached to module box, compression fit liner panels in the “cold” boxes
Shipping and uprighting steel shop-installed on each box
Collection headers shop installed in attic and basement where feasible


Reduces field labor hours, no field-installed insulation needed between “cold” boxes
No lifting frames required. Shipping steel does not have to be removed from “cold” boxes
Minimizes penetrations and reduces field pipe welds

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