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Vogt offers products and services for all HRSGs, bringing our OEM insight to a wide variety of inspection and field services, engineering studies and modeling, turnkey retrofits, and replacement and spare parts. We can service all parts of your HRSG, boiler, gas turbine, and reheat systems for any manufacturer including GE, NEM, Nooter Ericksen, and others.

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Technical & Field Services

Field Engineering Services

Vogt Power offers technical and field engineering services to assist in any installation as well as diagnosing and providing solutions for any issues on your site.



Over time, plant performance naturally degrades. 90% of installed plants have opportunities for performance improvement. Let our experts help you identify these opportunities.



As a pioneer OEM, Vogt has a rich history in redesigning and retrofitting HRSG pressure part components and HARPS on Vogt and other OEM units in tandem with our partner TEiC.

Studies and Modeling Services

Engineering Studies & Modeling

Combustion models are used to evaluate gas temperature distributions downstream of burners and identify locations for temperature peaks.

Construction Services


In tandem with our partner TEiC Construction Services, we are uniquely qualified to bring our collaborative expertise to new installations and turnkey retrofits alike.

spiral fin tubing


Vogt Power is the only remaining HRSG OEM in the industry to have domestic HARP and pressure part fabrication offered through our sister company Boiler Tube Company of America (BTA).



Emissions testing is offered on any OEM unit’s equipment. Pneumatic pressure and vacuum testing is performed on plant heat transfer equipment.

closed cycle cooling water heat exchanger

Heat Transfer Equipment

Through our partner Thermal Engineering International (TEi), we can provide heat transfer equipment as well as support.

HRSG HARP Retrofit

Vogt’s core competencies lie in turnkey HARP replacements, distribution grid or baffle retrofits, plant heat rate improvement, safety upgrades and engineering studies. We can also assess the general condition of the HRSG through regular, FAC or high energy piping inspections and life expectancy studies.

We provide domestic pressure part fabrication and construction services through our sister companies, Boiler Tube Company of America (BTA) and TEiC Construction Services (TEiC).

We are dedicated to providing the most efficient and cost-effective turnkey service. This is achieved through expertise in consulting, inspections, engineering, and project management, as well as fabrication and supply of boiler-pressure parts, heat exchangers and related equipment.

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