Heat Recovery Steam Generators

A HRSG converts gas turbine exhaust into power for the steam turbine in a combined-cycle power plant. 60 years after producing the very first HRSG, Vogt is the one-stop source for Excellence-In-Heat-Recovery® to operators of more than 600 HRSGs in over 40 countries. We deliver the most constructible and cost-effective HRSG for each site-specific application. Our modular designs and numerous pre-fabrication options vary depending on the size of the HRSG, desired transport alternatives to the job site, and labor cost and availability.

Why Choose Vogt?

At Vogt Power International, innovation is our first order of business. We’re constantly refining and redefining what we do, ensuring our products and services continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse customer base.

  • Our HRSGs are engineered with quality, reliability, and performance in mind, eliminating unnecessary change order costs.
  • Our conservative design approach means our HRSGs are built for maximum accessibility, safety, and constructability.
  • We bring technology globally to customers who want to simplify and streamline the processes for on-site erection and commissioning.
  • We work closely with our customers to achieve and/or exceed their performance requirements: This means you only need one company for engineering, fabrication, services and parts, from new build through the life of the HRSG.
HRSG Services

Services for All HRSGs OEMs.

Vogt offers a wide variety of inspection and technical field services, engineering studies, modeling, and turnkey retrofits to ensure that operators gain optimum performance from their existing equipment, regardless of OEM. Additionally, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality replacement parts, delivered in a timely manner. We maintain a variety of stock items that are available for immediate shipment on very short notice.

HRSG Services


We understand that quality must be integrated into every element of our business. We strive to perpetually improve the customer experience by facilitating the continuous improvement of Vogt quality. Whether it’s an initial plant inspection, installation, or after-sales care for parts and services, quality makes the difference between average operation and efficient and profitable results. It all comes down to discipline. At Vogt, our Quality Program guarantees this discipline is in place—at all corporate levels—to deliver what our client expects, consistent with all specifications, codes, standards and delivery schedules.